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About Logistec/TTS

CustomerServiceLogistec/TTS Resident Agents Service, Inc. is a full-service, premium process service agency that specializes in BOC-3 filings. We are officially registered and recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In addition to managing your process agents, we also help motor carriers obtain their Operating Authority (MC number) and other permitting and registration services, including UCR.


 We are a One Stop Shop:

Logistec/TTS applies its years of industry experience and expertise to effectively provide motor carriers with competent, reliable services. We are a part of Sun Belt Line, Inc.'s various transportation service organizations, including:

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Reliable transportation brokerage for shippers and carriers. Let us help you move your freight.

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Transportation factoring made easy-- up to 95% advance. Fill out an application to begin the process.

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Affordable personal and commercial insurance for truckers. Get a quote today!

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logoThis combination of companies all focused on the transportation industry gives our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping - we intend that all of our customers' transportation needs can be covered by one of the companies at Sun Belt Line, Inc. We are the ONE-STOP TRANSPORTATION SHOP for motor carriers!

All employees at Logistec/TTS and all those of Sun Belt Line, Inc. are fully licensed, well-trained and extremely knowledgeable about the complex industry of transportation. Logistec/TTS is a proud member of the Transportation Intermediaries Alliance (TIA), North American Transportation Services Association (NATSA), and the South Carolina Trucking Association (SCTA). In addition, we serve on the Industry Advisory Committee for the National Conference of State Transportation Specialists (NCSTS), and the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Board. We encourage all our customers to feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns they might have.

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