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2019 Registration Checklist

Be sure to renew these registrations by the end of the year for 2019 UCR.

With Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks away, 2018 is coming to an end and it is important to ensure that your registrations are renewed to maintain compliance for 2019 UCR. Please make note the following registrations are due prior to January 1, 2019. ucr logo trademark.add3e54c

  • 2019 IFTA Renewal and Decals – Order directly from your state!
  • 2019 NM WDT Permit – State Fee increase! (LG/TTS can do for you if you prefer)
  • 2019 Oregon WDT Permit – Call OR WMT office at 503-378-6699 
  • NYHUT – 23rd Series Renewal with NEW Decal (LG/TTS can do this for you.)
  • IRP cab card- Review & Know your Expiration date!!! Start Renewal at least 1 month prior to expiration. If you are over 55,000 lbs. you must have your IRS Form 2290 (Heavy Highway Use Tax) paid to renew your tags! 2290 Runs June-July of each year. You will NOT receive a bill from the IRS.
  • 2019 Unified Carrier Registration* (LG/TTS can do for you if you prefer)

*2019 UCR Renewals have been delayed by the State as they await FMCSA approval on changes to the fee tier pricing for 2019. Logistec/TTS is monitoring this closely and accepting pre-payments for 2019. A notice was mailed to you in October. If you have chosen to have Logistec/TTS submit your 2019 UCR to the State, we will notify you as soon as the registration is complete. Please contact our office for more details.

If you have any questions, or would like us to assist you with renewal of your registrations, please contact Logistec/TTS here using one of the methods provided on our Contact Us page.  We're here to help! 

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