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File your BOC-3 with Logistec/TTS

Save time and money by choosing Logistec/TTS to file your BOC-3 and other registration and permitting services.

When applying for interstate operating authority, carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders are required to file a BOC-3 form with the federal government. A BOC-3 or “blanket of coverage” form provides commercial transport companies with a designated process agent in each state where they operate that is permitted to accept and forward legal documents on their behalf.

How It Works

US MapProcess agents can be individuals or companies that represent commercial transport companies and receive legal documents in states other than the carrier’s base of operations. For example, a driver for your company is involved in a collision in Virginia, but your base is in South Carolina. If a motorist involved in the accident files a lawsuit, your designated agent in Virginia could accept all the necessary legal documentation and forward to your business.

Logistec/TTS provides blanket coverage, meaning your company will have a designated process agent in all 48 continental states, so you don’t have to worry about where you do or don’t have representatives.

Choosing the Right Agency

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that only a designated process agent can file a BOC-3 for carriers, while brokers and freight forwarders are authorized to file themselves. When it comes to selecting an agency, be sure to choose one that is approved to file BOC-3 forms. The FMCSA provides a list of recognized blanket agents.

Logistec/TTS provides a comprehensive package for BOC-3 filing. We ensure that your paperwork is filed quickly and correctly, and that signed copies are provided to you and your process agents. Additionally, our Process Service Program offers clients free updates to their USDOT and MC information, consultation and education on additional registration requirements, and friendly reminders each year to help you stay current with all the State registration requirements. Logistec/ TTS also offers other registration and permitting services (FMCSA / MC# Authority, USDOT Number, UCR, etc.) that are efficient and cost effective so you can get you on the road faster.

For the best in Process Service Programs and permitting services, trust in Logistec/TTS.

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