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Hurricane Irma Updates

The latest hurricane track predicts a moderately less severe impact for South Carolina.

As of 8 AM Friday, Hurricane Irma has slightly weakened and continued its shift to the west with the center of the storm moving from Florida to Georgia, and not directly into South Carolina.

While still too soon to predict with certainty, the latest track would spare South Carolina some of the highest winds and rain from the storm. However the storm is a large, powerful Category 4 hurricane with a 400-mile radius. In addition, the hurricane could still shift eastward, as some models indicate is a possibility. If the storm continues on its current projected path, our area should experience hurricane conditions late Monday.

We plan to have an official announcement regarding our inclement weather schedule sometime over the weekend, if not sooner. For the safety of our employees and customers, it may be necessary for us to close early on Monday and possibly Tuesday, but that decision is still fluid.

We will continue to track and monitor the storm path and provide you with updates on the storm as it relates to our office schedule. 

We will continue to provide updates on Irma.  Follow the Logistec/TTS news feed for updates.

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