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FMCSA Introduces Proposed Changes to Hours-of-Service

The changes offer greater safety for drivers and motorists, and could save consumers millions.

hours of service blog 08 19Since the mandate for ELD's went into effect, there have been a lot of complaints about the lack of flexibility afforded to drivers, and increasing safety risks which were intended to be mitigated by the measure. In an effort to address these issues, the Federal Motor Carrier Adminstration has proposed significant changes for the hours-of-service regulations for truckers. If implemented, both drivers and carriers gain greater flexibility in their operations.

Based on Driver concerns reported to the FMCSA, the five fundamental changes to the policy include:

  • Flexible break requirements
  • Modifying the sleeper-berth exception which will allow drivers to split their 10 hours off duty into two periods
  • Allowing one off-duty break for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Modifying the adverse driving conditions exception by extending the maximum window during which driving is permitted by two hours
  • Short-haul exception changes to lengthen the maximum on-duty period to 14 hours from 12.

The proposed changes improve safety and share the added benefit of saving the economy and public $274 million. The American Trucking Association has praised the initiative, with ATA President Chris Spear stating, “We look forward to studying and understanding how these proposed changes will impact our industry so we can provide relevant data and information to strengthen and support a good final rule that bolsters safety and provides drivers needed flexibility."

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