FMCSA Extends URS Launch Date

on Monday, 12 December 2016.

Due to an IT data migration, the FMCSA has announced that it is moving the implementation date of its Unified Registration System (URS) from January 14, 2017. The organization cited the need for additional time to securely migrate data from multiple older systems to one central database as its reason for the delay. The FMCSA recently migrated its IT systems to a cloud environment, stating that moving to the cloud will provide a better foundation upon which to implement the URS.

Delaying the implementation date will also allow the FMCSA's State partners more time to configure data connectivity and ensure solid system reliability, in addition to providing more time for training and education to make the platform transition flow more smoothly. The FMCSA expects to publish a revised implementation schedule in early January of 2017, which will also contain revised compliance dates.

The initial launch phase of URS was conducted in December of 2015 and, since that time, the FMCSA reports that the new system has saved more than $3 million in registration expenses. In addition to issuing more than 100,000 new USDOT numbers, the agency touts that it has purged 300,000+ passive USDOT numbers and has also prevented 100% of fraudulent operating authority applications from disqualified carriers who attempted to open new businesses.

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