Notification: FMCSA System Outage

on Wednesday, 01 June 2022.

red triangle warning attention caution sign 3d illustrationThe FMCSA's Web Appliccation System is currently down. Due to this problem Logistec/TTS is experiencing delays in issuing new numbers along with updates and corrections (which require FMCSA application procedures). Currently there are no delays in our ability to file our Designation of Process Agents (BOC3 filing) with FMCSA; we will post an update as soon as the FMCSA system issue is resolved.

See below for the FMCSA's announcement:

FMCSA Portal and systems that utilize FMCSA portal authentication are currently experiencing availability issues. FMCSA support staff is continuing to investigate this issue along with AWS and Microsoft support to address the issues impacting FMCSA systems.

If you have any questions, please contact Logistec/TTS via our website.

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