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NY State Department of Taxation Notice Regarding Fraudulent HUT Renewal Emails

on Wednesday, 28 July 2021.

fraud scam phishing caution deception conceptThe New York State Department of Taxation and Finance recently issued a notice about fraudulent HUT renewal emails; we've re-published that notice below for our customers' information:

Please be aware of potentially fraudulent, unapproved service bureaus attempting to collect data and payments for HUT registration.

How to identify a fraudulent service bureau

A service bureau is likely fraudulent and unapproved if it:

  • suggests yearly renewal (the HUT Series of Registration normally lasts three years from the effective start date of the series);
  • charges an exceptionally large fee for their services;
  • does not identify itself as a service bureau, and claims to be a government agency; or
  • is not approved by the Tax Department.

To check if the service bureau you prefer to use is on the list of approved bureaus, call the Miscellaneous Tax Information Center at 518-457-5735 and select option 2.

How to safely renew

Beginning October 1, 2021, you can renew your Highway Use Tax (HUT) and Automotive Fuel Carrier (AFC) Certificates of Registration (C of R) and decals for the upcoming series online with One Stop Credentialing and Registration (OSCAR) at www.oscar.ny.gov, or you may use a service bureau approved by New York State.


  • Your OSCAR password is private.
  • The Tax Department and approved service bureaus will never ask for your OSCAR password.
  • The Tax Department will send you more information as renewal approaches.

For more information about HUT and AFC renewal, please visit our website at www.tax.ny.gov (Search: renewal). To learn how to identify and report fraud related to your tax information, search fraud.

Let Logistec/TTS Help!

Logistec/TTS is always available to assist with NYHUT registrations and renewals during the appropriate period. Simply call or contact us for assistance. Each year we notify our clients what State registrations are up for renewal, including 3 year NYHUT series renewals as well.

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