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Logistec/TTS is a FMCSA registered Process Service Agency that manages your BOC-3 Process Service filing. The FMCSA requires all transportation companies (motor carriers, brokers, and freight fowarders) to have a BOC-3 Process Service on file. The BOC-3 filing designates a transportation company's process service agent on record for every state in which they operate or have contracts. New transportation companies without a BOC-3 filing will not be granted their Operating Authority (MC#). Furthermore, existing transportation firms will lose their legal operating authority status without a valid BOC-3 filing.

What is a BOC-3?

A BOC-3 is a filing requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and designates agents of process in each state.

What is a Process Agent and Process Service Agency?

A Process Agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker or freight fowarder. A process agent will accept legal papers on your behalf and get them to you in a timely manner, before a judgement can be levied against you. A Process Service Agency manages your designated process agents (i.e. your BOC-3).

Logistec/TTS' BOC-3 Package Advantages

Logistec/TTS' full-service package is only $125 per year. Our full-service package is less expensive than other reputable, comparable services. We are not a super low, one-time fee company just out there to do your filing, only to forget about you later. Instead, we act as your partner in the industry.

Our BOC-3 process service package includes all of these additional benefits:

  • Free Transportation Consulting
  • Free BOC-3 Refilings
  • Free USDOT Updates
  • Free FMCSA Address and Phone Number Changes
  • Annual Address Verification and Correction
  • Blanket Coverage of Agents (agents maintained in all 48 continental states)
  • FMCSA Compliance Assistance and Consultation
  • Immediate Electronic Filings
  • Periodic Industry Reminders
  • No Hidden Processing Fees for Served Notices
  • Free Compliance and Driver Qualification File Templates

We provide all of these services, as well as take care of your legal filing, with unparalleled customer commitment and support. We are also fully informed on industry news and events, and we will keep you abreast of the necessary requirements that impact your business. In other words, we help keep you compliant so your trucks can stay on the road and so you can stay in business!

Interested in using Logistec/TTS as your BOC-3 Process Service Agency?

We offer a convenient online BOC-3 application for fast, immediate filing and renewal. We also encourage all our customers to contact us with any questions they might have regarding our BOC-3 Process Service package or their BOC-3 requirement.

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