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Intrastate Operating Authority Process

Intrastate Operating Authority Process

When you haul freight within a single state's borders, you are operating as a INTRA-state Motor Carrier and required to obtain intrastate Operating Authority. Each state has different rules and regulations concerning Intrastate transportation. Furthermore, the agencies that govern Intrastate transportation vary from state to state.

Fortunately, Logistec/TTS is aware of each state's Intrastate Operating Authority requirements and we can help you determine the proper Intrastate registration you must obtain. To request Logistec/TTS to assist you with your Intrastate Operating Authority, please submit our online application.

Intrastate Online Operating Authority Application

We even offer a convenient, user-friendly INTRASTATE Authority Application to help you get your Intrastate Operating Authority even faster.

Quick and Lost Permit Service

For those who have already applied for your authority, Logistec/TTS can expedite the paperwork by providing your Operating Authority permit the day it is granted by the FMCSA! Also, if you have misplaced or lost your Operating Authority permit, we can re-order your lost permit for you. Information on our Quick Permit and Lost Permit services is listed below:

Quick Permit Service

Need to get your Operating Authority quicker? No problem. Logistec/TTS can even get your operating permit the day it is granted by the FMCSA through our Quick Permit (Expedited) Service. For just $60, we can get you on the road faster by faxing you your authority the same day of the FMCSA grant date! Our Quick Permit (Expedited) Service will save you 3-7 days of average mail time.

Lost Permit Service

Lost your permit? We can help. If your permit was granted within the last year, we can obtain your original permit for $60. If your grant date is older than one year, we can obtain your original permit for $110. This also includes any Re-Entitlements or Re-Instatements on your authority.

Logistec/TTS will handle all the multi-step paperwork for you. For a detailed listing of our complete range of services, please view our services page.

For more information regarding our Operating Authority package, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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