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Unified Registration System

The FMCSA has changed its requirements for ALL Interstate Carriers and USDOT Registrations are now at risk of revocation if you do not comply with the new requirements within the 90-day time frame. On December 12, 2015, the FMCSA launched the Unified Registration System (URS).

The URS is a new registration system for Motor Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarders. New applicants must now use the URS platform to register with the FMCSA. Furthermore, ALL current transportation companies will have their USDOT information switched over to the URS system starting January 14, 2017.

URS will enforce new Federal laws that now mandates all Interstate Carriers to have a Process Agent Designation (BOC3) and Insurance filing listed under their USDOT registration.

Why URS?

The purpose of the URS is to streamline registrations and information gathered on Motor Carriers and Brokers from several different registration systems. It will move information to one location & one ID number for each company involved in Interstate Commerce. You may have heard that the FMCSA plans to eliminate MC Numbers. This is partially true. The URS will use USDOT Numbers as the single registration number for a company involved in Interstate Commerce.

However, the authority requirements once identified by the MC Number are NOT going away. All the requirements are still in place under the URS and now more companies have to comply with these requirements. For Hire Carriers will still have to purchase authority and their USDOT Number will identify this authority.

Does This Affect You?

Yes, if you are currently listed as an Interstate Carrier. The new URS system will require ALL companies involved with Interstate Commerce to show proof of Process Agent Designation (BOC3) and proof of Liability Insurance (BMC91). Under the old system, only For Hire motor carriers were required to do this. You will have a limited time to comply. All filings must be in place by April 14, 2017, in order for you to remain an active Motor Carrier.

What is a Process Agent Designation (BOC3)?

FMCSA requires that all companies involved in Interstate Commerce have an agent in each state that they operate in, or hold contracts in, that will accept legal documents on their behalf. A Designation of Process Agents is a list of the agent(s) in each state that will accept legal papers on your behalf.

Logistec/TTS is a Process Service Agency already registered with the FMCSA. We file this list of Process Agents via a form called the BOC3. If you are served in a state outside of your base state it is the Process Agencies job to accept and forward these documents to you in a timely manner.

File your BOC-3 quickly and affordably with Logistec/TTS's BOC-3 online application form!

What Insurance Filing Do I Need?

Insurance requirements vary by type of carrier and products carried. The most common insurance filing is the BMC91 proof of liability insurance filing . All companies need to have an MCS90 endorsement from their insurance provider and request the appropriate filing. Contact your insurance provider to determine if there will be any changes need to your current policy to have the MCS90 endorsement and federal filing submitted. Logistec/TTS can help you understand your specific insurance filing requirement and monitor to ensure it is done in time.

What Do I Do Now?

It is best to be prepared. Be aware that not all Process Service Agencies are the same. FMCSA has a list of Registered Agencies on their website and Logistec/TTS is on that list. By hiring Logistec/TTS we will monitor your transfer to the URS system. Logistec/TTS can assist your company by completing a URS Portal registry and filing a blanket Process Agent Designation (BOC3). We can also advise you on what insurance filing you will need and monitor to ensure it is completed by your insurance provider in time.

How Long Do I Have Before I Act?

Act now, once the URS imports existing carriers and brokers information into the URS database, carriers will only have 90-days to comply with the new requirements and maintain their active USDOT Number. The Federal law went into effect on April 25, 2016, and filings will be required as of January 14, 2017. If you do not have the proper filings in place by April 14, 2017, your USDOT registration will be revoked. As with most large scale government data downloads, important information can be lost, so it is best to have someone watching your records and ready to act if corrections need to be made.

Learn more filing your BOC-3 or go ahead and complete your BOC-3 application today!

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