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Delinquent KYU Accounts in Danger of Having Licenses Cancelled

File today, or risk losing your KYU.

Carriers who have failed to file their 3rd Quarter 2017 Weight Distance (KYU) Tax are at risk of losing their license. KYU License holders must file each quarter regardless of whether they have or have not driven in Kentucky during that period.

If you have not filed your 3rd Quarter 2017, your license will be revoked this week. Carriers who lose their license will be required to have a bond and pay a Failure to File fee to reinstate their KYU.

The deadline for carriers to submit their return for the 3rd Quarter 2017 without penalties and interest was October 31, 2017. If you have not filed, you may be responsible for additional penalties and interest to maintain your KYU.

Click here to visit the KYU Tax website and file today.

Filing Schedule:

1st Quarter: January – March Filings are due April 1st, late on May 1st
2nd Quarter: April – June Filing are due July 1st, late on August 1st
3rd Quarter: July – September Filings are due on October 1st, late on November 1st
4th Quarter: October – December Filings are due on January 1st, late on February 1st.







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