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Pay Your Kentucky Weight Distance Tax Or Lose Your KYU License!

Find out how and where to file your KYU Tax.

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Carriers who have failed to file their 1st Quarter 2017 KYU will lose their KYU license if their taxes are not paid immediately. Cancellation of the KYU license will require carriers to pay a Failure to File Fee and Post a Bond to reinstate their license.

The license mandates that carriers file each quarter regardless of whether they have traveled to Kentucky during that period.

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Filing Schedule:
1st Quarter - January – March – Filings are due April 1st, late on May 1st
2nd Quarter – April – June – Filing are due July 1st, late on August 1st
3rd Quarter – July – September – Filings are due on October 1st, late on November 1st
4th Quarter – October – December – Filings are due on January 1st, late on February 1st.

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