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FMCSA Authority Revocation: Impact and Insights for Carriers

on Wednesday, 13 December 2023.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) isn't known for revoking authorities on a whim. These decisions typically occur in batches, often dictated by compliance and regulatory requirements.

However, a recent trend highlighted by Avery Vise of FTR Transportation Intelligence (via an Overdrive report) sheds light on a notable anomaly - a significant increase in revocations leading up to the Thanksgiving week.

A Surge in Revocations

Typically, FMCSA revocations peak on Mondays, with smaller numbers following through the week. However, the week of Thanksgiving marked an unusual spike. On Monday, November 20, over 1,000 authorities were revoked, aligning with the year's trend. But, in an unprecedented move, over 1,700 additional revocations were recorded on November 22, the day before Thanksgiving.

The Core Issue: Blanket BOC3 Companies

The surge in revocations ties back to the FMCSA's cleanup efforts in its registration system, particularly around blanket process agent (BOC3) companies. These companies, crucial for maintaining legal representation in each state, faced a recertification process. Not all responded positively or at all, leading to mass invalidations of BOC3 filings for numerous carriers.

Impact on Carriers and the Show Cause Order

The FMCSA issued Show Cause Orders to entities out of compliance, providing a 30-day window to rectify the issue. As this period lapsed on November 22, a significant number of carriers found their authorities revoked. This action reflects FMCSA's stringent approach towards maintaining regulatory compliance, especially concerning financial responsibilities and legal representation.

Potential Confusion and Miscommunications

There have been reports of mailing issues at FMCSA, leading to some carriers receiving incorrect revocation notifications. Although FMCSA acknowledged and rectified these errors, the confusion might have compounded the situation for many, especially smaller carriers who might miss such crucial communications.

The Current Status and Advisory for Carriers

For carriers, especially single-truck operators who are often on the road, staying updated with FMCSA's list of approved BOC3 providers is critical. If your BOC3 blanket company is no longer on FMCSA's list, it's crucial to act swiftly and align with a new provider to avoid potential service disruptions.

Final Thoughts

This situation underlines the importance of staying vigilant and informed about FMCSA regulations and changes. As your trusted partner in transportation licensing and permitting, Logistec/TTS is here to assist you in navigating these regulatory landscapes and ensuring your compliance with FMCSA requirements.


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