FMCSA Removes 10 More ELDs from Registered List

on Wednesday, 06 December 2023.

Logistec Licensing Guide BlogThe FMCSA has recently announced the removal of 10 Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) from their 'Registered Devices' list, indicating a significant change in the landscape of compliant devices.

The Impacted Devices

The devices affected by this decision include:

  • CI ELD Logs
  • ELD 2 GO
  • ELD4Trucking
  • ELOG365
  • Golden ELD
  • PowerTrucks ELD
  • Steer Right ELD
  • TruckX-ELD
  • TST 1 ELD
  • World Trucking ELD.

If your operations utilize any of these devices, it's crucial to understand the implications and the necessary steps to remain compliant.

Reason for Removal and Compliance Deadline

The FMCSA has cited non-compliance with the functional specifications outlined in 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, appendix A as the reason for this action. Affected carriers and drivers are provided a grace period until January 30, 2024, to switch to compliant ELDs. After this date, continued use of these revoked ELDs may result in regulatory violations.

Future Prospects

Should the providers of these ELDs address the identified deficiencies, the FMCSA may reconsider their status. However, we recommend taking proactive measures now to avoid potential compliance issues.

Stay Informed and Prepared

We understand that staying on top of regulatory changes is vital for your business. Logistec/TTS remains committed to providing you with the latest information and solutions in the transportation and logistics industry. Stay safe, compliant, and ahead of the curve with industry news and updates Logistec/TTS.


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