Operating Authority
(MC Number)

What is Operating Authority?

Operating Authority is a motor carrier’s legal right to operate a commercial motor vehicle in the United States and is referred to by many terms, including Interstate Authority, FMCSA Authority, Motor Carrier Authority or an MC Number.

Operating Authority will consist of:

Common, Contract or Broker Authority (MC)

Persons or companies providing or arranging property, passenger or household goods transportation for a fee (i.e. for-hire) to the general public and/or shippers.

Mexican-Domiciled Authority (MX)

Persons or companies providing or arranging transportation for a fee to the general public and/or shippers that are based or domiciled in Mexico.

Freight Forwarder Authority (FF)

Person or companies who take title of goods and specialize in managing storage, consolidation, warehousing, and shipping of those goods.

The FMCSA will designate a "MC," "FF," or "MX" prefix to each Operating Authority number, depending on the type of authority that is granted.

Operating Authority Process

Here at Logistec/TTS, we are experienced, licensed transportation professionals, eager to answer any of your questions and help ensure you're ready to hit the road. Our industry expertise and dedication allows us to work quickly, and get you your Operating Authority (MC Number) faster than ever - within 16-20 business days.

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The basic package includes:

Motor Carrier Number (MC #) Application & $300 FMCSA Filing Fee

USDOT Number Application

First Year's Process Service Program Fee (includes BOC-3 Filing)

State Registration Requirements Consultation

Compliance and Driver Qualification File Templates

Quick Permit Service

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The Different Types of Operating Authority

When you register your Operating Authority as a motor carrier (i.e. an MC Number), the FMCSA is going to require you to choose a specific type of MC authority for interstate transportation purposes. There are four different types of motor carrier (MC) operating authority and it is possible for a company to have more than one type of MC authority. These include:

Carrier of Property

A for hire motor carrier that transports regulated property owned by others for compensation.

Passenger Carrier*

A for hire motor carrier that transports passengers for compensation.

Household Goods*

A for hire motor carrier that transports household goods (other peoples' personal belongings) for compensation (i.e. a moving company).

Broker of Property

A person or company that arranges or offers to arrange for transportation of property by an authorized motor carrier. Brokers do not assume responsibility for the cargo.

*FMCSA is currently taking 8-12 weeks to approve applications.

Interstate Online Operating Authority Application

We even offer a convenient, user-friendly online INTERSTATE Operating Authority Application to help you get your Interstate Operating Authority even faster.

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