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Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

What is the UCR?

The UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) is a program that replaced the (SSRS) Single State Registration System. The UCR Program requires individuals and companies that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with a participating state and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. This includes ALL carriers - private, exempt, or for hire. Brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies are also required to register and pay a fee unless they also operate as a motor carrier.

Like SSRS, fees collected from the UCR system will be used by the states to support its safety programs and USDOT officer training. Unlike SSRS, the UCR system increases the number of fee-eligible transportation companies and its owned equipment, but lowers the fee per company.

What is the UCR process and fee structure?

The process is very simple. Each company is required to pay its UCR fee with a base state (the state in which you reside primarily). If your base state does not participate in the program you are required to pay your UCR fee through a neighboring, participating state. Currently, the following states are not participating: Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming and the District of Columbia.

Fees Under the Unified Carrier Registration Plan and Agreement for the Registration Year 2015 - 2018

Fleet Size Fee Tier* Fee Per Entity Application Processing Fee Handling/State Access/Usage Fee (3%) Total UCR Fee
0 - 2 $76 $75 $4.53 $155.53
3 -5  $227 $75 $9.06 $311.06
6 - 20 $452 $75 $15.81 $542.81
21 - 100 $1576 $75 $49.53 $1,700.53
101 - 1000** $7511 $75 N/A $7,586.00
1000 and above** $73,346 $75 N/A $73,421.00

* Your Fleet Size Fee Tier depends on Number of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV's) owned or operated by exempt or non-exempt moto carrier, motor private carrier, or freight forwarder. Broker and Leasing Companies are required to pay the 0 - 2 fee tier. Trailers are NOT included in fleet size since the 2010 registration year.

** Credit card payments are not accepted for these two fee tiers. Please contact Logistec/TTS for processing.

UCR Participating States

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Click here to view a full list of participating states

Even if your base state is not participating, you will still need to file with a participating state. Furthermore, states may join the UCR Program at a future point in time.

When was the UCR implemented?

The UCR program was implemented on September 10, 2007. The UCR program was created to replace the Single State Registration System (SSRS), which expired in December 2006.

What if I don't pay the UCR fee?

Failure to pay your UCR fee will hurt your business. If you cross into a UCR participating state without having paid your UCR fee, the state and its USDOT officers will pull your trucks off the road immediately. They will not release your trucks until your UCR fees are paid. You will also be subject to additional fines and penalties. The damage and cost to your business will be detrimental. Why risk hurting a customer relationship or subject your business to an unnecessary claim by not paying your UCR? Complying with the UCR legal requirement will help you avoid serious harm to your business and your customers.

When will I get my UCR fee notice?

You may or may not get a notice! Your UCR participating state may elect not to remit any notices, or you may reside in a non-participating state. However, from the states' perspective, ignorance of the law is not excuse. You are still expected to pay your UCR fee, regardless if you ever received a UCR notice. For the most part states are relying on you and Process Service Agencies to inform you of your pending UCR fees.

Logistec/TTS Online UCR Application

Logistec/TTS can make the UCR process less stressful and simpler for you by offering you a convenient, online application. We can process your UCR application for a low fee of $75. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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